Prayer and Pizza is launched - 18 August 2019

The idea for this began at our adult confirmation group this year. It happened to be that the group was a group of men. In looking into this idea further it revealed that in NHS and other studies into men's wellbeing and mental health, men of all ages are less likely to have access to social support of friends, family and community. In recent years various initiatives have become popular for men such as Movember, Men's Sheds, Men's Breakfasts - to name only a few. Research also suggests that men learn and digest information in different ways and are more likely to comment, support each other and make new friends in a male only and fun environment. That's the science, but how can we put this into practice in a fun way for Thorpe St Andrew? One of the confirmation group, Ian Mackie, suggested a Prayer and Pizza evening, as a fun way of deepening our faith in a friendly and open atmosphere. The first one will take place on Sunday 18 August 2019 at 5.00pm at the Parish Church, with a very light Bible Study ending in some prayer (lasting just over an hour) - followed by Pizza at the Town House Hotel. The Cost will be approximately £10. Please let Fr James know or come along and give it a try. Let your friends know - the more the merrier!!