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Our Churches

Thorpe St Andrew Parish Church is a beautiful Victorian building and stands on Yarmouth Road, opposite the popular River Green. It was built in 1866 with the main approach being through the ruined tower of the former medieval church. Inside, the church comprises a long nave and south aisle.

God's welcome and hospitality is always to be found through a range of Sunday and midweek services as well as private prayer. Whatever time anyone has to spend time at the church, they are welcome to use it as they so wish; whether studying and enjoying the architecture and features or simply seeking some peace away from the working day or the busyness of life.

There is a small area reserved for people to light candles and to leave prayer messages.

The Church of the Good Shepherd is the daughter church of the Parish Church and is located in Thunder Lane. It was built in 1950 and is a light and airy building. It's central position in our town stands as a beacon of Christ's light and a warm welcome will always be found.

Cafe church is effectively our third congregation. It meets at St Andrew’s Centre, next to the Good Shepherd, at 10am on the last Sunday of every month. Our aim is to encourage and develop discipleship among young families and parents, particularly those of recently baptised children. However everybody is welcome to this service. It's relaxed and a good supply of tea, coffee and toast are served to feed hungry children and parents! A range of Sunday newspapers are provided plus a selection of toys for the children.


There are services throughout the week - both Said and Sung Eucharists. Our Events Calendar contains full details of our services, timings and locations. Morning Office services use the Common Worship Daily Prayer book and are offered at 8.30am at the Parish Church. Everyone is invited to join Fr James and others in this daily act of worship.

Families are always welcome and we offer Junior church on Sundays which is led by one or two members of the congregation. Bible teaching, crafts and activities are available for the younger members and at the end of service they are invited to say a little about what they have been doing.


The Parish Church has a tradition of music which is wonderfully supplied by our professional organist and a dedicated choir. Their services enhance both the Sunday Sung Eucharist service and special services throughout the year.


Bible study These study sessions take place regularly and are growing in popularity. As well as furthering scripture knowledge, the occasions are fun times of fellowship together. The dates of these sessions are shown on our Events Calendar. They are held at the St Andrew's Centre, Thunder Lane, next to the Good Shepherd Church, and everyone, regardless of understanding or knowledge, is welcome to attend.

Prayer Group - This small and faithful group meet on the first Sunday of every month at the St Andrew's Centre next to the Good Shepherd Church. Members takes it in turn to lead an evening’s prayer or to reflect on psalms, poems and art.

Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care team is available to talk to the sick, the recently bereaved or anyone in need. Concerns are discussed sensitively and followed up, as appropriate, to the individual.

Mothers' Union

Our Mothers' Union is one of the oldest branches in Norfolk. Nearly thirty or so members meet on the second Tuesday of every month at the Good Shepherd for worship. The church community is proud to support them in ministry and mission.

Parent/Carer & Toddler Group

The Parent/Carer & Toddler Group has a long and happy history. It meets at the St Andrew’s Centre between 9.30am and 11.00am on Monday mornings during term time and is facilitated and assisted by a small and faithful team from our church congregations. The Group attracts mums, dads, grandparents and carers with their little ones who pay a small charge to attend. The Group has never been advertised but attracts a large number of people, some from long distances, largely by word-of-mouth. There is a whole host of different toys and crafts available, from soft toys for babies to larger ones for the bigger toddlers and young children. The hall is undoubtedly a hive of activity, laughter and chat! The morning includes a short period of gathering-around for a sing-song as well as providing refreshments and, at Christmas, Santa Claus arrives to give out presents to every child.

Social Lunches

These are held at the St Andrew’s Centre monthly with a few members of the Congregation getting involved in the organisation of making and serving of soups, cheese/biscuits and fruit. A monthly draw of the church run ‘100 club’ takes place. Proceeds from this lunch are split between the charity of the month and church funds.

In addition, the Koffee and Kompany Group meet once a month at a local hotel. It provides fellowship and company for the bereaved over a coffee and, for those wanting to stay and chat for longer, an enjoyable carvery lunch.