The Parish celebrates Good Shepherd Sunday and looks forward to the Archdeacon's Visitation

On Sunday 7th May the Parish gathered to give thanks for Christ the Good Shepherd who leads us and guides us. At the Church of The Good Shepherd we celebrated with over double our usual congregation. In addition our new electronic organ was dedicated to the glory of God and in memory of Mike Towers (the organist there for 43 years) and also Don Rayner. We completed the day with a wonderful lunch (prepared by Olga Bradshaw and Ann Cox) at which over 30 attended. We were treated at the cheese course to cheese straws made to Mike Towers' recipe. On 14th May we will welcome our new Archdeacon (The Venerable Karen Hutchinson) to the Parish. She will preach at services at the Parish Church at 9.30am and The Good Shepherd at 11.15am. She will be available to chat with parishioners from 9.00am over coffee. We are looking forward very much to this first visit with us.